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Cosmetic Dental Solutions in New York City New York City cosmetic dentists use dental crowns to solve a number of dental dilemmas. A dental crown is a strong, natural-looking permanent tooth restoration that covers the top of the damaged tooth.

Manhattan cosmetic dentists recommend crowns to remedy the following problems:

  • A broken tooth with decay
  • An ill-fitting existing crown
  • A decayed tooth that has lost significant tooth structure
  • A tooth that is too small or misshapen

Our dental crowns will:

  • Preserve post root canal teeth.
  • Protect your tooth from further damage or decay.
  • Eliminate any pain or sensitivity related to existing tooth/teeth damage.
  • Allow you to eat and chew as usual.
  • Blend in seamlessly with the rest of your teeth. Our crowns are color-matched to your teeth and won’t stick out or look unnatural. Instead, your crowns can enhance your smile’s appearance and improve your confidence.

Dr. Pia Lieb is highly regarded as a leading authority in Cosmetic Dentistry. Considered one of the top dentists in NYC, Dr. Lieb is a highly rated dentist on Vitals, HealthGrades, MakeMeHeal, Google+, RateMDs, and other dentist rating websites.

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