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Looking to upgrade your smile in New York City? Then it’s time to pick a cosmetic dentist.

An Educated Dentist

Pia Lieb D.D.S. performs extraordinary work for patients in  New York City.  Clearly cosmetic dentist Lieb’s friendly and professional care combined with continuing education and experience will bring strength and compassion to your dental chair experience. Education is what you should be looking for. Schedule a consultation to learn for yourself at 212-829-1515.

An Experienced Dentist
Dr. Lieb been providing valuable services since 1990. Some of our services include Invisalign, cosmetic dentistry, porcelain veneers, and smile makeovers. Patients will note the ease and skill cosmetic dentist Lieb exhibits after performing these procedures successfully many, many times. Experience takes out the guesswork. Visit our website for more information:

Remember, cosmetic dentistry procedures require the superb dental expertise by cosmetic dentist Dr. Pia Lieb. Ask us about our Trial Smile and the artistry required to sculpt the perfect smile. Dr. Lieb takes careful note of the facial structure, lips, skin color, age, jaw alignment, lower face dimension, size, shape, and color of teeth when crafting your smile. In just four visits, your smile–and your life–can be completely changed.


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