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Doctor Pia Method

Dr. Pia can transform your smile in just 3 visits.

Appointment 1

The first visit is a comprehensive 90-minute initial consultation during which the patient brings photographs of their ideal smiles. After reviewing the photos and discussing them with the patient, Dr Pia conducts a full photo analysis of the patient’s face and mouth. Dr. Pia will sculpt directly on the patient’s existing teeth an approximation of their potential new smile. The patient wears this temporary smile for a few days as a “test drive,” in order to give feedback on the size, shape and color of the permanent smile.

Appointment 2

After the patient returns with feedback on the temporary smile, we plan and design an approximation of the permanent smile. The teeth are prepared and molds are made and the patient receives a second set of fine-tuned temporaries that mimic the new permanent smile to almost perfect degree until the next appointment.

Appointment 3

The temporary dental veneers and/or crowns are removed and the permanent versions are placed. Dr. Pia fine-tunes the new smile until she and the patient are absolutely satisfied.


We recommend a follow-up appointment to make any minor adjustments that may be necessary and to make sure the smile is truly perfect.