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Creating a smile is art.

It takes a true artist that has the eye and the 3-dimentional skill to sculpt the perfect smile. Dr. Lieb takes careful note of the facial structure, lips, skin color, age, jaw alignment, lower face dimension, size, shape, and color of teeth when crafting your smile.

A Smile Makeover in NYC is your opportunity to start afresh – to recapture, transform, and revitalize your dental health and overall well-being while creating a stunning new smile.

We ask all our new patients to bring in old picture of themselves along with pictures of the smiles they would love to achieve. Communication is key so Dr. Lieb can truly help you achieve your personal perfect smile.

Dr. Pia Lieb has created a trial smile, she can take your 2D photos and create a 3D image of what you will look like with your potential new smile. With the help of Smile Designer Pro and 3D scanning and printing, perfection is possible. Dr. Lieb can directly sculpt a temporary new smile and let you take your smile for a test drive . Your feedback helps her customize your ideal smile with permanent porcelain veneers or dental crowns.

Dr. Lieb can transform your smile in just 4 visits.

Appointment 1

During the first visit at our cosmetic dentistry office in Manhattan, the patient brings old photographs and pictures of their perceived ideal smiles. After reviewing the photos and discussing them with the patient, Dr Lieb takes a new photograph and then uses Smile Designer Pro to create a temporary version of the patient’s potential smile. The patient wears this temporary smile for a few days as a “test drive”.

Appointment 2

Dr Lieb creates permanent veneers after the patient returns with feedback on the temporary smile. A second set of finer-tuned temporaries are placed for the patient to take on a test drive. while our AAACD CDT Master Ceramist builds the porcelain veneers and/or crowns.

Appointment 3

The temporary dental veneers and/or crowns are removed and the permanent versions are placed.

Appointment 4

This final appointment happens just one day after the permanent veneers and/or crowns are placed. Final finishing touches are done until Dr Lieb and the patient is satisfied.

We recommend a follow-up appointment 3-6 months later to make any adjustments that may be necessary and to make sure the smile truly is perfect. Give us a call at Cosmetic Dentistry Center NYC, your cosmetic dentistry center in Manhattan to get started on your perfect smile!

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